About Me

Welcome to my first blog! I am all about feminism, intersectionality and social activism.

Here, I hope to open and expand on discussions and topics often left out in modern feminist debate.

Thoroughout this journey, I am going to try and stay as true and open about myself as possible. So, here is a quick, very ‘gender-studies-student’ introduction to myself:

I am a cis-woman, bi-racial (phenotypically very white), bisexual, ex-Hijab wearing Muslim, who grew up in Sydeny Australia. I know. A mouthful of a POL.

I also, am currently studying the Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Sociology at The University of Sydney. These studies are where I  gain much of my inspiration from for blog posts and discussions.

I hope to make this as enlightening, shocking, infuriating and change-inspiring as possible! Can’t wait to hear all (if any) feedback!

Cya soon!

Patti xx.!